What a strange winter we have

What a strange winter...... we are having.

It looks from the predicted forecast that we will continue to have similar temperatures for the rest of February going into March. The cycle of snow, cold temperatures and then periods of mild temperatures with rain is causing problems out on the course. These are perfect ice build conditions.

Even after the last mild period only to greens were not completely covered in ice last week and now have new snow on them this week. We currently have 3-8 cm of ice on most greens and this should give us a real result of how effective plastic sheets are for surviving Norwegian winters. My only concern right now is that we only had chance to blow air under the sheets once before the snow turned too heavy to lift the sheet. I’m really happy we decided to cover all the greens with sheets and we would of had problems with the greens without sheets if the winter carriers on with these cold/mild periods. Ice has been on the greens since 12th December and although the sheets do not guarantee no loss of greens in the spring, we are definitely have a better chance of surviving the winter with them in my opinion.

In the last mild period most tees and fairways were free from ice, but fairways 3,11,16 and 17 may have some damage from ice as these fairways have so much shade from the trees. Even though we have little snow on the course there isn’t any talk of opening dates. The course will be open when the greens, tees and fairways are ready for play and can endure the heavy traffic we have here at Asker. Best regards James.

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