The end of a fantastic season!

October was a strange month, it began with a cold spell with a week of minus temperatures and then gave us many days with 15 degrees. We eventually closed the course on Wednesday 24th of October, this was decided due to the fact we had cold weather forecast with snow and we needed to prepare the course before winter really sets in. Like throughout the season, the main focus coming into the winter was to get the greens ready for the long winter months. We’ve fertilised two times to  defend them against disease attacks and help them store up carbohydrates to use in the spring after they come out from the ice and snow in March/April. The greens also had two application of fungicide as a precaution, making sure the greens are clean from disease and to give them the best chance of coming through the winter. These application are expensive, one of which needs to be sprayed out when its as dry as possible and after golf play is finished. This is to get the best effect as this product creates a shield over the green, so pitch marks and golf shoes will break this.

The 16th green
We closed holes 16 and 17 on the 1st October so we could start the re-shape on green 16. The plan was to level out the lower tier of the green so that we could have more pin placements, speed up play and make the green more playable. The slope difference from right to left on the old green was 55cm, this has been halved and now sits at 25cm. We got the target number of 25cm as this is the slope difference from the top tier of the green. The green has been shortened by 8 metres but is only 100-150 m2 smaller than it was before. Although the green is now smaller we’ve also re-shaped the fringe/approach which makes it more playable. The whole process took just one week as we’ve re-used the turf from the green, had help from Asle P with his digger and help from Kjell’s dugnad gang to put the final rolls of turf down on the approach. The last job was to roll the green to roll out any uneven bits of turf and to give us a head start from next year so we can open the green when we open up the course in 2019.

Wintersheets of plastic
As some of you may of heard, we are going to test out covering 5 greens (16, 17, 18, putt and chipping greens) with plastic covers to protect them from ice burn as this has been the main reason for the lose of greens in recent years. The greens will also have a ventilation system (very basic) that goes under the covers, this is to release the build up of co2 which is the main reason for ice burn. There are many golf courses in Sweden, the U.S. and  Canada that use this system with successful results, but there are no guarantees. I want to try this system due to the fact that this will give us the best chance of coming out of the winter with greens with minimal damage and ready for play, in my opinion. Only time will tell us if this is the way forward for Asker Golfklubb, but just to keep doing the same every things year after year will not help us move forward and improve on the great season we’ve had in 2018.  
Thank you for a fantastic season, looking forward to seeing everyone back on the course in 2019.


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