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It’s been a busy couple of months with on the course for the greenkeepers and for golfers. The weather in July was fantastic which helped the course massively. The playing surfaces were well established into summer quality and it was nice to hear some good feed back from members and guests.

At the end of July we had our maintenance day where we closed the course for greens and fairways maintenance. The greens were micro hollow cored (hullplugger), over seeded with Poa Trivialis (markrapp) and then heavily dressed with 40 tons of sand. The main aim for this maintenance is to take out organic matter that increases over time and can cause greens to be soft and feel like you walking on a sponge. New grass seed is applied as young grass has a higher tolerance of surviving the winter and the sand is applied to keep the greens firm and to fill in the hole fore a smoother playing surface. I was really happy with the results and the greens were back to playing well after 4-5 days afterwards.

Our friends from Holtsmark were helping sand dress the fairways. This is now a annual process we have included in the budget so increase the quality on the fairways. Over the next 6-10 year period we will have dry, firm fairways to play on. Building up the quality year on year. 500 tons of sand was applied to the tees and fairways in one day, with a little extra brushing in the sand a few days after that.

August is tournament month, which means very little maintenance done on the course, aside from cutting and maintaining the playing surfaces. Although we were able to use our new aerating machine (purchased with Drammen GK) which allows us to blow air into the profile to help with drainage, root growth and decrease compaction in the soil with little to no damage to the playing surfaces. Both greens and tees were aerating in august.

The course has shown itself from its best side in August early september. With a little bit more rain the we almosthad trouble cutting because the grass was growing so fast. This was especially true for the tees which has seen a great improvement over the season. 

Once the men’s group have played their tour championship tournament at the end of September the greens will be micro hollow cored and seed for the last time this year. Aerating with be a big part of our Maintenance once we come into October with the tees and fairways getting solid tine aeration to help with drainage, root growth and loosen up the compacted soil.

As soon as we close the course we will also start the winter process of covering the greens as we have done the last 3 years. We are scrambling for time at this part of the season because we are also changing all the security nets on the entire golf course. This is straineous job which could go over several weeks. 

We are also lookin into the opportunity to establish a line of trees between number 7 and 13. We have a good suggestion of about 30 trees that can be put up in several spots. This would eliminate the need for the out stakes from 7. A much asked for solution that we finally can manage to pursue. The same thing will happen on 11 where we want to remove the broken trees blocking the line of play, especially from the 39 and 43-tees. We wil also establish new trees better located to protect the 10th tee. 

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