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This month the good weather has continued which means we haven’t seen a drop in play on the course, but even more importantly we haven’t seen a drop in quality either. Bar having one day with 50mm of rain, September has been kind on the course and we’ve been able to continue having good condition on all playing surfaces this month.

Feedback from guests and members put us on top all for the whole season.
Course in general i ranked as number 4 in Norway out of the 60 clubs that are using the survey system
The greens are number one in all categories. 

Bane totalt. Rangert 4. i Norge. 

Greener er igjen helt i toppen for sesongen 2022

Bunkers where an issue this season, but adding new sand in some of the worst bunkers really helped. We will plan to do some mote accurate maintenance of the bunkers in the years ahead. 

Playing time has also been an issue. We clearly see that the time to play has gone up the further into the season we get. This has to to with more searching for balls as the wooden areas around the course are getting denser. This is something we will have time to tend to during the auutum and before the season opening of 2023. 

On Monday 5th September we aggressively verti-cut the greens and applied a sand dressing afterwards. The greens had a very dense sward and needed thinning out before the autumn months started to get ideal recover of the plant. The sand had all but disappeared by Thursday when the greens had a first cut after the maintenance and by Saturday the greens were cut with freshly ground cutting units and normal conditions resumed. This week our aeration machine, Air2g2 has been on the greens. This machine helps break up compaction in the soil profile from machines use and golfers. It does this by injecting high pressured air through metal tines 12cm under the greens. This machine lets us aerate the greens without damaging the top surface and therefore keeping golfers happy. All the maintenance we are carry out on the course from September onwards is to help prepare the course for the winter months and for the start of the 2023 season.

The fairways have generally been in good condition from the start of the season. Keeping them feed, watered and cut takes a lot of man hours which I feel it’s been worth the effort. After all the tournaments in august, the Dugnads group fixed the divots with sand and seed. All fairways we done in 4 hours and looked much better for having it done. done. All par 4’s and par 5’s have new 100m and 150m disc markers in the middle of the fairways. These measurements are to the centre of the green.

The new yardage signs

The tees will get aeration from the Air2g2 and a deep solid time aeration with heavy sand dressing one the course is closed. This means the tee will be aeration 4 times this year.

The greens will have the year end maintenance done on Monday 3rd October. We will be doing the same procedure as in June, micro hollow tining, overseeding, sand dressing and an autumn feed. This will be the last maintenance done on the greens before we close.

September into October looks like more wet weather, so there will be less chances to use golf carts in the coming weeks. But we also need to remember that there has only been 3 days in the whole season where golf carts have not been allowed (I’m writing this on 22/9). Also be aware that the course is more likely to be closed on morning due to fog and frost in the coming weeks. We will open as soon as it is possible so please be patient with us. If the course does close for a day or two due to rain or bad weather its to protect the course from damage, but also can be on health and safety grounds. I hope everyone is enjoying the course and remember we generally closes at the end of October, so there’s not too many golf days left of the season.

Regards James.

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