Blog October 2020

Blog October 2020

After September’s great weather and a lot of play on the course, the start of October hasn’t given us the best conditions for playing golf. The weather has been good this week and should give us the opportunity to cut the whole course one more time before the winter.

We still try to keep the course open for as long as we can in october, but as the cold sets in during next week we get even closer. Unfortunately the weather says light rain on tuesday and wednesday, which makes the option of taking out the golf buggies again this year not possible. 

The only frost day so far. Monday 12th of october

October started with heavy rains. We had over 200mm of rain during the second week og october which almost rendered the course unplayable. Thanks to great drainage work done in 2019 and 2020, most of the course could be played without overwater. This 3rd week of october has been amazing. The weather switched and we have enjoyed full sun for the most of the week.

We have been lucky with only having frost on monday the 12th. When frost we cancel all flight on the morning. The flights that are cancelled are then allowed out on a shotgun starting at hole 2-3-4 etc. 
Due to heavy bookings in the afternoon it is unlikely that you will be able to play the first holes later during the day. 

Hole 2 - green, 15th of october 2020

After the second week of october we had reached over 37.000 official rounds this year. The amount of stress the course has endured in 2020 has been incredible. But even more incredible is how well the course has sustained. 

We again have great feedback from members and guests, especially during the second part of the year. The greens are overperforming for the 3rd year running. Due to the heavy use of the course and the extra finance that comes with being a very popular course, we are now able to perform the maintance to a standard that previously was not available to us. For example the heavy sand dress on the fairway that has always been a part of our yearly schedule, but often fell short due to finance and time. It is extremely satisfying to be a member of the team at Asker, and I can assume the same goes for being a member. 

Hole 10 - green, 15th of october 2020

September was maintenance month on the course, after the second week, with greens and tee were aerated, seeded and a heavy sand dressing applied. This maintenance helps with draining water, helps root growth and takes away soil compaction from them greens/tees. Establishing new grass every year is also important as it survives the winters better.

The fairways got another 500 tons of sand applied to them in September, this is in keeping with the club’s maintenance plans and over time will help with drainage and a better playing surface. By keeping this as a yearly routine we will see improvements to the fairways year on year, but there isn’t a short cut to this process.

As most of you that have played the course in the last week, we have started to build on the tee on hole 4. Very small area with lots of tress shading the tee has meant poor grass quality/coverage, so the decision was taken by the course committee to merge both men’s and ladies tee together. This will give us a tee with more than double the playing surface and will be able cope with the amount of play here at Asker. Our dugnad group have been busy on hole 4 as well, cutting and removing trees around the new tee increasing light.

By the end of week 42 the tees and fairways will of had a fungicide application applied to help stop disease scars (sopp skader) in the spring. The new sprayer the club bought this year has made this job so much easier and is an essential part of the machine park. The green winterising plan started over 3 weeks ago and they will receive a small fertiliser application and two more fungicide application before we cover the greens with plastic sheets.

(Picture from 2019)

All the greens will be covered again and the club will start a research project along side Holtsmark, Bærum and Haga golf Clubs (3 years). This is with support from Nibio(Norsk institutt for bioøkonomi) and the results/experiences will be shared with Svenska Golfforbundet, University of Minnesota and University of Massachusetts. The aim is to find an efficient and cost effective methods to winter survival in our climates.

Hope you all enjoy the final weeks out on the course and remember you can now play in the simulator centre if the weather isn’t to your liking.

James & Matthias


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