Blog Mild and unstable winter ahead...

We decided to close the course on 21st October and I feel it was the right call. We’ve had few weeks of cold, dry weather which has help the course massively. Wet areas dried out and the grass slowly went into dormancy before the snow arrived. The greens have been aerated and had a sand dressing applied. I was really happy with the results on the greens after this and they even had a small liquid fertilisation when to temperatures were warm enough in the middle of the day. This is done to help harden the plant against the long, cold winter and to fill up the plant with enough energy to get through the winter and also helps the plant become active in the spring.

The preventive fungicide applications have been applied and I was really happy with the conditions and look of the greens before we put on the plastic sheets. 9th November the plastic sheets were put down on the greens. We had a fantastic turn out from the members and we had a total of 25 people helping with the sheets.

This meant we got the sheets down fast and effectively, so I must say a big thank you to everyone who helped out. The two days previous to this the Greenkeepers worked hard to get all the equipment out next to the greens so that putting down the plastic sheets was the only process we needed to do on Thursday. I’m happy that all the greens we finished before the snow came on Friday as we are experiencing classic ice on the greens weather conditions at the moment. Although it looks like it’ll become quite mild again next week and the snow should totally melt, we could quite easily see a long period of minus days and the whole course could be covered in ice. A golf course with solid ice on it from November/December to March isn’t going to look good in May. This is way the club have taken the decision to use sheets to give us that little extra protection and to hopefully come out of the winter healthy greens.

Members may wonder what we do in the winter months. Clearing snow and clubhouse maintenance takes quite a lot of our time, but also machine maintenance/servicing. It’s essential now that the club has invested a lot of money in new machines that we look after them in the right way. All the cutting machines have had an end of season wash and are stored away. From January will be starting the sharpening of cutting units and general service of our equipment. By the end of March all this will be done and the machines will be ready for a new season.

Last, but not least. I would like to thank all the dugnad groups that have helped through out the season. Kjell’s Tuesday group and the course set up group have done a great job again. The golf club couldn’t run the same without your help.

Best regards James and the Greenkeepers.

Til bloggens forside