Blog may 2022

Blog May 2022

New season, new possibilities.

The new season is underway and the course has begun to shine up nicely in the first few weeks of opening, but there’s still room for improvement.

The greens have been consistently good from the opening day to now and we’ve begun to increase green speeds by brushing the greens to lift the plant up and give a more realistic height of cut and also dropping the height of cut from 4mm down to 3.5mm last week.

This is only possible now that we’re using winter sheets, the greens are protected from the stress of the cold winter and it’s evident in the last four winters how well they react in the spring.

Having summer quality greens in the second week in May is well worth the investment and man hours we have to put in to achieve this, but I’m sure you as members are enjoying the results as much as I am working on them.

After 2 weeks of playing , our greens are ranked as the best greens in Norway by guest players. 

Its also a good proof of concept that the 4 best ranked courses when it comes to green standard have all covered their greens with plastic this year.

In the coming weeks the greens will be aerated with our air2G2 machine, they’ll be very little damage to the playing surfaces but this is an essential maintenance practice and has to be done.

The tees and fairways were fertilised last week and we are beginning to see the plant react to the applications. Aeration is also planned for the tees and sand dressing on the fairways will be a the end of June so that they are ready for all the tournaments in August.

The fairway on hole 3 is a little behind the rest and will be over seeded and sand dressed earlier to increase the recovery time.

Eddie has been focusing on the unfinished winter projects, with the road on 16/17 finished last week. Hiring of a large roller to smooth out the roads will happen throughout the season as putting a new surface on them as left them a little bumpy.

The plan for the ladies tee on the 11th hole is to have it totally shaped and finished to lay turf by the start of next week. The irrigation for the tee is connected to the system and is working as it should. I won’t set a date for opening the tee just yet, but hopefully some time in June.

The trees on hole 7/13 and 11 have water bags around them to help establish them before the real heat of the summer arrives. They are filled up weekly, but will be increased as and when needed.

Our aim is to be finished with all our ongoing projects by the 1st June and then we can fully concentrate on just maintenance the course for the rest of the season.

Hope you’re all enjoying the course.

As I said before we’re not resting on how the course looks now, but instead concentrating on how to improve it.

Best regards James.

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